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Wind Chill and Our Notion of Chilly

As I discussed earlier this week, we have had a few exceptionally chilly days right here in Maine this week. One city close to me recorded a wind chill of -36F on Tuesday. This weekend is meant to be simply as chilly.  I’ve gone ice fishing in related situations with out moaning about it (a minimum of that is how I bear in mind it). The chilly received me questioning, “am I being a wimp concerning the chilly or has my notion of chilly modified?” At that line of considering introduced me again to an older Minute Earth video about perceptions of utmost climate. 

The psychology of utmost climate
Is the climate actually “excessive” or is that simply our impression of it? The next Minute Earth video takes on the subject of how excessive climate impacts our desirous about climate patterns generally. I discovered the video to be fascinating from a psychology perspective. The video is embedded under.

How wind chill is calculated
As I discussed above, the wind chill was -36F earlier this week in a city close to mine. Wind chill or not, that is chilly! The next video explains how wind chill is calculated. The video comes from Presh Talwalkar.



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