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What Killed the Kansas Cows?

The scorching warmth of the Kansas summer season solar is being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of cows—however mass deaths are the norm within the animal agriculture business. If the pictures and movies of the useless Kansas cows shocked you, there’s one factor you are able to do to forestall extra catastrophes like this one: Go vegan.

The Farming Business Solely Cares About Profiting Off Animals

The cows who died in 100-degree warmth on Kansas feedlots had been the victims of an business that doesn’t care about animals. Cows are delicate, loving people who talk with each other and have distinctive personalities—however people proceed to traumatically separate calves from their moms, steal their milk, and in any other case exploit them for meals. Farm homeowners aren’t required to have any evacuation plans for the animals of their care when catastrophe strikes, and cows and others are left behind to drown in hurricanes and floods or burn to loss of life throughout fires. They’re additionally killed en masse when there’s a whisper of illness. The local weather disaster is just intensifying, largely because of the exploitation of animals in agriculture, so it’s no shock that warmth waves are on the checklist of disasters.

And in the event that they don’t die from harm, illness, or pure catastrophe on the farm, situations throughout transport to slaughter are so horrific and poorly regulated that yearly within the U.S., round 20 million animals die—from warmth stress, hypothermia, or trauma—earlier than ever making it to the slaughterhouse.

Cows All the time Endure When People Exploit Them

The cows who died in Kansas had been compelled to stay on feedlots the place it seems that there was no method for them to flee the warmth—not sufficient shade, water, or shelter. Their deaths had been doubtless gradual and painful, however had they lived lengthy sufficient to be helpful to the farming business, their deaths would have been no much less horrific: They might have been shot within the head with a captive-bolt gun and strung up by one leg, after which their throats would have been reduce earlier than they had been skinned and gutted.

Cows are social animals who kind advanced relationships with others of their herd. They love their calves and revel in frolicking with pals in inexperienced pastures at sanctuaries. Nevertheless, greater than 29 million cows undergo and die within the meat and dairy industries yearly within the U.S. alone.

Farming Animals Is One of many Greatest Causes of the Local weather Disaster

In accordance with the U.S. Division of Agriculture, the waste from simply 200 cows produces as a lot nitrogen because the sewage from a group of as much as 10,000 people. Rainforests, prairies, and wetlands are systematically destroyed and transformed to farmland with the intention to develop the big quantity of crops wanted to feed cows. A typical cow produces 120 kilos of waste every day—and when this manure is used as fertilizer, it might probably contaminate streams and lakes, destroy whole ecosystems, poison meals merchandise, and pollute the environment with ammonia and methane. None of that is the cows’ fault—they don’t wish to be exploited any greater than you need the setting to be destroyed.

You Can Assist Cows and Different Animals

If you wish to assist stop extra animals from dying—and profit the planet and your personal well being, too—begin making a distinction right now with our 3-Week Vegan Problem!



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