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What Are the Totally different Forms of Gem stones That Exist At this time?

Do you know that the most costly gemstone is the blue diamond? This diamond is price almost $4 million per carat

Whether or not you are a collector or just focused on studying about uncommon gem stones, it’s best to do one factor first. 

And, that’s study in regards to the various kinds of gem stones on this planet. Whereas there are millions of minerals on Earth, only some are valuable gem stones. 

On this article, we’ll talk about the various kinds of gem stones. We’ll additionally clarify their similarities and variations. 


Diamonds are one of the vital standard gem stones round. They’ve additionally been wanted since historical occasions for his or her magnificence and value. 

Curiously, diamonds are merely a solid-state of Carbon. They arrive in all types of colours from white to brown. 

What’s extra, is that diamonds are the toughest recognized minerals. Due to their hardness and distinctive brightness, they’re very talked-about in jewellery shops. 

Diamonds are additionally utilized in industrial purposes. In contrast to every other mineral, diamonds are used for sharpening, grinding, drilling, and chopping. 


Like diamonds, rubies are very sturdy. They’re additionally extremely wanted due to their blood-red coloration. Rubies solely are available pink coloration, typically showing in pinker shades

Ruby comes from corundum, one other valuable stone. Its title is just Latin for “pink”.

Rubies are pink as a result of they’re partly made from chromium. They’re additionally part of the unique cardinal gems, that are thought-about to be extra valuable than different stones. 


Sapphires are the sister stone to rubies, each coming from corundum. The mineral’s formulation is aluminum oxide (Al2O3).

Sapphire’s title is derived from the Latin phrase “saphirus”, which roughly means blue. 

Although, sapphires are available a variety of colours, comparable to:

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Inexperienced
  • White

Sapphires additionally are available a number of colours, often known as “parti-sapphires”. 

It is also vital to state that there is no such thing as a such factor as pink sapphires. Whereas these stones might appear to be sapphires, they’re rubies. 


The phrase emerald means “smaragdus” in Latin. This interprets to “inexperienced gem” in American English. 

Like sapphires and rubies, emeralds are part of Beryl, which is one other valuable stone. 

Emeralds are typically rarer than beryl and have a singular greenish coloration. Although, beryl is a tougher mineral than emerald. 

Emeralds are broadly wanted due to their look. They’ve been mined in historical India and Egypt for generations. 

What’s extra, is that emeralds may be present in nations internationally. Even in the USA, emeralds may be mined in states like:

  • South Carolina
  • Connecticut
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina

Due to their look, emeralds can typically be mistaken for tourmaline. 

In actuality, emerald shouldn’t be part of any Tourmaline Assortment

Need to Study About Extra Forms of Gem stones?

As you may see, there are 4 primary forms of gem stones. Whereas there are different valuable gem stones, these are normally the most well-liked. 

Do you wish to find out about different gem stones you may gather or buy? In that case, try our different useful articles. 



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