UN warns of severe flooding in Somalia – BNN | Warar Sugan

The United Nations has warned that 150,000 Somalis are at risk of being affected by flash floods during heavy rains in the country.

The head Programme for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Ezana Kassa, said in a statement that it was time to work on the safety and security of those affected by the floods.

The FAO says water levels in the Shabelle River have risen due to the ongoing rains in the country and the influx of water from the Ethiopian highlands.

The towns of Jowhar and Beledweyne are currently feared to be flooded and the humanitarian situation deteriorating.

Although water levels in the Juba River have increased in the past 24 hours, the FAO said there is a risk of flooding in districts including Dolow.

The FAO also said it was time to consider reducing the risk of floods such as rehabilitating river dams to reduce displacement of people living along riverbanks.

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