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Tiny Zebra Zoomies! – ZooBorns

Marwell is thrilled to announce the beginning of an endangered Grevy’s zebra foal born to first time mum Khumba.

Grevy’s are the most important zebra species and are present in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia the place there are presently regarded as fewer than 2,000 within the wild.

Populations have suffered on account of habitat loss, prolonged intervals of drought and poaching however are actually regarded as stabilising.

Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022

Do you know?

Zebra pregnancies final 12-13 month and foals can normally stand inside an hour of being born.

Marwell is the one zoo within the UK to accommodate all three species of zebra; Grevy’s, Hartmann’s mountain and plains. Marwell additionally holds the species studbook for each Grevy’s and Hartmann’s mountain zebras.

Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022 (3)
Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022 (3)

Grevy’s zebra populations have declined 54% within the final 30 years

Within the wild zebras usually give beginning at night time and Khumba did precisely that along with her new arrival, giving her keepers a beautiful shock after they started working within the morning.

The foal was born on Friday and was given entry to the zoo’s Wild Explorers paddock for the primary time on Monday afternoon.

The teenager delighted in making an attempt out its new abilities operating circles round its mum in a collection of cute ‘zoomies’.

Khumba and her new foal are a part of the European Ex-Situ breeding programme for the species and can hopefully contribute to sustaining a wholesome captive inhabitants and preserving genetic range for the longer term

They’ve been left alone to bond for the primary few days so the intercourse of the foal will not be but recognized.  A reputation can even be determined at a later date.

Video credit score: Marwell Zoo

Photos: Paul Collins/Marwell Zoo



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