There is a Mountain of Evidence Against Matt Gaetz

A few weeks back, news broke that Matt Gaetz was under investigation for sex trafficking. The Florida congressman’s immediate reaction was to go on Tucker Carlson’s show and plead his innocence. The spot went off the rails quickly will the host saying it was one of the craziest he has ever conducted.

Since then, Gaetz hasn’t stayed quiet. He’s even gone on tour with Marjorie Taylor Greene, another controversial GOP Rep. The walls could be closing in for the Florida lawmaker, though. During a Monday MSNBC appearance, former federal prosecutor Harry Litman said there is a “mountain of evidence against Gaetz.

Litman explained to host Nicolle Wallace:

“If as all indications suggest, we’re talking about Gaetz and that plea agreement said he also had — that this woman — or girl really had sex with other men that he brought in and had drugs with her first and the like, Gaetz is in a terrible position and really there’s a mountain of evidence already against him and they have shown it in this very document. All of which Greenberg signed off on and said in front of the court, which made a finding, that this is accurate and what would be proven if he went to trial.”

Panelist Claire McCaskill then slammed the Florida congressman, saying, “Now, where the hell are all the Republicans? The people who want to lecture us about women when we should have the ability to control our own bodies. Where are they today? Why aren’t they speaking up against this guy? It is unbelievable the women in the Republican Party do not call this man out right now. They’re going to end up looking stupid when he pleads guilty, which I predict he probably will or be found guilty by a jury.”


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