The Block 2021 episode 35 and 36 recap: Georgia airs Tanya and Vito’s dirty laundry tactics and Love Island twins discover Ronnie has secret past

As predicted, the truce between Tanya and Vito and frequent sparring partners Ronnie and Georgia was short-lived.

Once again, the Block veterans were left fuming by Tanya and Vito playing fast and loose with the rules. This time the “Gucci gang” were caught out getting their laundry cabinets installed (free of charge) by Kinsman a week after the deadline.

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A shock death rocks The Block

Every other team was forced to get their cupboards installed while finishing their lounge rooms to accommodate the scheduling change sparked by the cheating scandal —or more simply, because of Tanya and Vito.

Mitch, Mark and Georgia are furious when they see Tanya and Vito have had the laundry installed a week after everyone else Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Mitch, Mark and Georgia are furious when they see Tanya and Vito have had the laundry installed a week after everyone else. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

“So, Keith and Dan told us living and dining room week if you don’t finish your laundry shell in a way that Kinsman can install the cabinetry, you’re going to have to pay for the install the following week. So that’s why we hustled because we didn’t want to pay for that labour,” Georgia ranted after spying the Kinsman crew sneaking out of Tanya and Vito’s place.

Ronnie was equally peeved remarking: “It’s not fair. I spent $3000 getting my laundry ready, for what? To take out of my living and dining week.

“What’s the point of having rules on The Block? Spend what you want. Do what you want.”

Georgia wasted no time rallying the troops filling in frequent allies — Mitch, Mark, Kirsty and Jesse — about what had gone down.

Once foreman Keith received a debrief from Georgia, he confronted Tanya and Vito, questioning why they were getting work done for free when they’d been told that was not allowed.

Of course, Tanya was quick to share, what she’d no doubt describe as “her truth” of the situation.

She claimed to Keith that she’d always planned to pay for the install (despite being filmed gloating about how she was getting it done gratis).

Host Scott Cam lays down the law with Tanya and Vito about their debts and the impacts of their game playing Picture: supplied, Channel 9

Host Scott Cam lays down the law with Tanya and Vito about their debts and the impacts of their game playing. Picture: supplied, Channel 9

“Surely they wouldn’t be so silly as to try and cheat again?” Georgia asked incredulously.

“Imagine if I hadn’t been standing at the end of Bronte Court and seen the installers coming out? Would this have ever come to light?

“Cheaters are going to cheat. What happened in week two and three with the photo? You want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were going to pay it but it’s hard to because that trust is broken.”

Ronnie added: “What really pissed me off is we had to share our win with these guys, but we finished our laundry, and they didn’t. So, they had all that extra time to focus on their winning room.” Looks like there won’t be any more giggles over cheeseboards in the near future.

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Block team verbally abuses producers

Later, host Scott Cam reaffirmed Ronnie’s complaints, questioning whether the couple would’ve won living and dining room week if they, like everyone else, had been forced to spend their time, money and energy on the laundry as well.

Conflict in The Block cul de sac continues. Picture: Channel 9

Conflict in The Block cul-de-sac continues. Picture: Channel 9

Remarkably, Tanya seemed gobsmacked at the very idea they’d had an advantage in focusing all their funds and time into their (first) winning room.

Scott had more bad news for Tanya and Vito. They were in big financial trouble. Once the pair settle their $24,000 in unpaid bills and the new invoice of $2000 from Kinsman, they would be left with just $800 in their account. Yikes!

Despite being in a financial hole, Tanya and Vito decided to persevere with their pool plans. At least they chose to install a cost-effective prefabricated pool.

The same could not be said for the also fiscally challenged twins, who elected to create an in-ground pool (with no real plans to fund it beyond selling a couple of recliners from their home theatre).

Foreman Dan and the twins have a heated exchange about their pool excavation Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Foreman Dan and the twins have a heated exchange about their pool excavation. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

The brothers were also struggling because Josh was under the weather, and they had already spent too much time on the pool and not enough on the rooms that were actually up for judging.

The only way to access the twin’s backyard (thanks to their decision to turn their garage into a master-bedroom suite) was via Tanya and Vito’s property. This means they were reliant on their neighbours getting organised — which, let’s face it isn’t a word to describe Tanya and Vito’s approach to renovating — before they could start to dig.

When foreman Dan told them their pool plans would have to wait several days (a long time on The Block) because of delays at Tanya and Vito’s end, they saw red.

The boys were frustrated too that houses one (Ronnie and Georgia) and five (Kirsty and Jesse) had their pools excavated first when their property was clearly the most challenging logistically.

Dan explained that the other properties were done first because they had their landscaping plans finished first while the twins – along with Tanya and Vito –

Master painter Ronnie gets stuck into finishing Kirsty and Jesse's stair case Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Master painter Ronnie gets stuck into finishing Kirsty and Jesse’s stair case. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

were still drawing theirs up just hours earlier.

He pointed out too, that without the help of Dan’s team to dig their hole, they wouldn’t be able to afford a pool at all.

“Handing it in first, shouldn’t be the thing [that determines the order] it should be whoever the main priority is [ie; the twins],” Josh argued.

“So, the people who are organised shouldn’t be rewarded?” countered a fed-up Dan.

“So, you’re saying, we should just look after the people who are disorganised? Nothing would get built.”

While the boys’ focus was on the pool, they weren’t making a lot of headway on work inside, that included all their hallways, laundry and flipping their lounge and dining space.

With the clock ticking and money in short supply in rode Ronnie (on his overpriced BMX) with an offer too good to refuse – challenging the twins to a game of beach volleyball, with the loser having to spend two hours painting at the winner’s house.

Volleyball champ Ronnie struts his stuff on the sand Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Volleyball champ Ronnie struts his stuff on the sand. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Of course, Ronnie always had a plan. The Love Islanders may have youth and bulging muscles on their side, but Ronnie was actually a volleyball champion, back in the day.

Luke soon realised he’d been duped.

“I’m all for fun in sport, but the way he was acting was un-Australian,” Luke lamented as Ronnie smashed his hopes into the sand with a side-serve of trash talk.

And when Ronnie took home the win, the twins were left understandably fuming at being hoodwinked into becoming free labour for House 1.

“I’m f***ing over this s***! That was the biggest stitch up of all time,” Luke ranted.

Of course, they’re not the only ones with a lot on their plate. Kirsty and Jesse too – having spent 24 hours off site to visit family after the death of Kirsty’s nan – have the most spaces to finish and the least time to do it.

Georgia and Mitch pitch in to help paint Kirsty and Jesse's place Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Georgia and Mitch pitch in to help paint Kirsty and Jesse’s place. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Lucky for them they have some good neighbours.

The All Stars rallied to help Kirsty and Jesse’s builder, picking up paint brushes to get their rooms done.

Even Dan stepped up to assist, spending several hours cutting tiles to help the couple finish their upstairs bathroom.

Twins, Luke and Josh, and Tanya and Vito were notably absent from the collective efforts being undertaken to help their grieving neighbours.

Now that’s un-Australian, guys.


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