Sydney auctions: Burnt house in shocking conditions becomes hot property at auction

The back of burnt house in Forest Lodge that sold at auction.

Sections of roof were missing out the back from when a fire blazed through the interior, but a burnt house in Forest Lodge still scored a big price at auction.

The blackened house on Bridge Rd sold at auction Friday night for just under $1.45 million. It attracted bids from five buyer parties.

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The terrace was uninhabitable. Front windows were boarded up, there was a gaping hole in one of the rooms and the front balcony was propped up with wood supports. Room walls were covered in soot.

The house sold for $1,445,000.

There was no more roof out the back.

Walls were caked in soot.

The worst damage was in the back of the house, which was little more than a shell.

Despite these features, Belle Property auctioneer Andrew Robinson was heard describing the property as “ticking all the boxes” and an “excellent opportunity”.

The auction was conducted next to a sign which read: “make yourself at home”.

It was not clear how the fire started and selling agent Mark Tooth was tight lipped about the sale when approached by the Daily Telegraph when the property was first listed.

It was billed as an opportunity for the phoenix to rise from the ashes.

Many Forest Lodge homes have strict heritage orders and local council puts limits on what can be knocked down and replaced with new housing.

The listing for the Forest Lodge house said it “offers that rare opportunity for the phoenix to literally rise from the ashes of what was once a substantial Victorian terrace”.

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