Review: Wines of Ancient Peaks, 2021 Releases

Ancient Peaks is a Paso Robles winery with a collection of wines that run the gamut of classic California styles. Today we look at two recent bottlings, including one from its second label, One Stone.

2020 Ancient Peaks Chardonnay Paso Robles Santa Margarita Ranch – A clean and classic representation of California chardonnay, this wine has a surprisingly lightweight body upon which a surfeit of flavors rest: lemongrass, coconut, vanilla, and a lengthy palate of pears and fresh apples. While the finish is a bit short, it’s crisp and acidic, offering a vibrant counterpoint to the sweeter, fruitier elements of the wine. Definitely a wine that drinks above its weight class. A- / $19

2019 One Stone Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles – This may be a second label for Ancient Peaks, but the quality of the wine (which includes 10% merlot and 10% syrah) certainly stands with any “first” label. Unusual and exotic notes of violets mingle with milk chocolate and some roast beef elements; you can certainly taste both of the accent grapes used in the creation of the final blend. Gently sweet and lightly spiced with gingerbread and sultry vanilla, the wine lacks the austerity of a more typical, tannin-heavy cabernet, but it makes up for that with its fruity exuberance. Solid at this price. A- / $20

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2020 Ancient Peaks Chardonnay Paso Robles Santa Margarita Ranch


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