Review: Rias Baixas Albarino Wines, 2021 Releases

The Rias Baixas region of Spain is known for one wine almost exclusively: Albarino, the crisp (and affordable) white wine that is defined by the cool breezes that come off the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Today we look at a trio of new albarino releases, all hailing from Rias Baixas.

2020 Mar de Vinas Albarino Val do Salnes Rias Baixas – Clean and gently fruity, this is a sweeter expression of expression of albarino, touched with salinity but effusive with tropical fruit notes, pineapples and mangos lingering well into the sultry, caramel-laced finish. Versatile and extremely easy-drinking — though its mineral character could use a bit of a bump. B+ / $18

2019 Bodegas Castro Martin A2O Albarino Sobre Lias Rias Baixas – Quite salty, with bright grapefruit and lemon notes. Tangerine notes pop alongside that heavy saline character, with a gentle perfume note lingering on the heavily acidic finish. Ultra-bright. B+ / $12

2019 Davide Observador Albarino Rias Baixas – Melon and lemon notes meld well in this more unctuous albarino, its saline character taking a more measured role in a wine that comes across as slightly sour in the end, with grapefruit elements dominating. Floral elements emerge on the finish, but they don’t add much to the overall experience. B / $15

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2020 Mar de Vinas Albarino Val do Salnes Rias Baixas


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