Real Madrid, Barcelona, and others face UEFA disciplinary hearings

Real Madrid, Barcelona, and others face UEFA disciplinary hearings

European giants Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are set to face disciplinary hearings after UEFA opened proceedings regarding the failed attempt at the establishment of a European Super League by the trio.

A statement taken from UEFA’s website reads;

“Following an investigation conducted by UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspectors in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project, disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, and Juventus FC for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework. Further information will be made available in due course.”

The same fate has not fallen on the heads of the traditional big six of the Premier League, all of whom were active participants in the plan, development, and execution of the Super League given the immediate backing out of all six from the current Super League plans. However, Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus all remain firm in their stance and willingness to continue their pursuit of forming the league which would seek to separate itself from the Champions League while becoming something more akin to a billionaire’s boys club. The insistence to remain adamant that their plans will one day go through without a hitch could serve as a reminder to many across football that club like Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are large enough to carry the weight of what amounts to a rebellion against the sports establishment, but UEFA’s statement should serve as a warning that they may not be as lucky as Manchester City were when they were not rung up on charges of their massive FFP violations after the Court of Arbitration overturned their two-year ban from continental competition.

Even heftier punishments could await Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus

As mentioned by Football España editor Colin Millar in reference to information coming out of El Partidazo de COPE, the European trio could all be expelled from competing in the Champions League during the 2021-22 season as part of their punishment and insistence on not reversing gears as other clubs have done.

There is no telling what this could mean across broader topics regarding the three clubs either, as Madrid prepares for the potential of Zinedine Zidane leaving the Bernabeu, while Barcelona and Madrid also have massive financial issues as reported by various outlets including ESPN. With the Catalan club having total debt figures eclipse the billion-Euro mark and Real Madrid not far behind with a cool 900-million, exclusion from Europe’s premier club competition, the TV rights money that comes with it, as well as any potential prize money accrued depending on how deep in the competition either were capable of achieving next season, this could be a real watershed moment in how the clubs may be forced to operate during the summer transfer window.

The reverse could occur, however, with Barca, Real, and Juve all entrenching themselves even more in a real show of force in a bid that may only end up strengthening their desire to break away given the potential penalties that may be levied in their direction. Regardless of what transpires over the coming weeks and months, there is certainly a sense that this will not be the only time. that European giants and football’s governing bodies on the continent will clash head-to-head.

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