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Pink Panda Cub Born At The Zoo!

The “Child Growth” continues on the Milwaukee County Zoo, with a purple panda beginning on June 12!  That is the third cub for mother, Dr. Erin, and father, Sprint.  The feminine cub is a part of the Pink Panda Species Survival Plan® (SSP), which helps to keep up genetic variety inside purple panda populations in AZA-accredited zoos.

Red Panda Baby 06-13-2022-KK-IMG_2366 E

Red Panda Baby 06-13-2022-KK-IMG_2355 E
Red Panda Baby 06-13-2022-KK-IMG_2355 E
Red Panda Baby 06-13-2022-KK-IMG_2355 E
Red Panda Baby 06-13-2022-KK-IMG_2355 E

The cub, who isn’t but named, was born mid-day Sunday, June 12, in an off-exhibit space, in a secluded and quiet nest field. Keepers can intently monitor the nest field with particular cameras. At about 24 hours after the beginning, the cub weighed 144 grams; on the second day, keepers recorded a weight of 196 grams –weights will proceed to be recorded when mother and cub are comfy with a brief separation time to position the cub on a scale.

Keepers report that Dr. Erin and the cub spend virtually your complete time collectively within the nest field.  As a result of Dr. Erin has had earlier offspring, she is an skilled mom and is attentive and nurturing towards the cub. Pink pandas are additionally attentive moms within the wild, preserving the cubs hidden in a nest for the primary 2-3 months of life.

The cub now depends on mother for milk, nursing for the primary 13-22 weeks of life.  At 4-6 months, she’ll start to wean from mother, and keepers will begin to introduce strong meals to her, softened in water.  She’ll be with mother for the primary yr of life, following her across the habitat and studying how one can climb.

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that the cub doesn’t have purple fur when it’s born; reasonably, it’s grey, and can flip purple over the following couple of months. In a couple of months, the cub can be within the outside habitat, seen to the general public.

Within the wild, purple pandas dwell within the mountains of Nepal, northern Myanmar, and central China. Pink pandas are thought-about endangered as a result of deforestation, poaching, and trapping. Dependable inhabitants numbers are troublesome to search out because of the pandas’ secretive nature, however it’s estimated that solely about 2,500 people exist within the wild. Due to this low quantity, each purple panda beginning is critical. *

*Pink Panda Community: Raises consciousness in purple pandas and the significance of their conservation. http://redpandanetwork.org



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