Karlie Kloss Shared Rare Pics Of Her Pregnancy

Karlie Kloss gave her fans a sweet treat when she shared some never-before-seen pics from her pregnancy on Instagram.

“My heart is full” the model captioned the post with a red-heart emoji.

In one of the snaps, Kloss was seen holding her baby bump while wearing nothing but her bra and underwear.

And in another, she let a group of people put their hands on her pregnant stomach while she took a picture of the adorable moment.

However, the best photo has to be the one where her son laid comfortably on her chest as Kloss held him up with her arm.

The fashionista also revealed she got a sweet Mother’s Day gift from her son, which was a child’s painting of her baby’s footprints and handprints.

Kloss has got it all. A beautiful baby, husband, and career. Life couldn’t be better for the philantropist!

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