Karine Jean-Pierre Talks About Becoming the First Black Woman to Address WH Press Corps Live on Camera

In 1991, Judy Smith, who served as George H.W. Bush’s deputy press secretary, became the first Black woman to answer questions from the White House press corps. The event wasn’t televised as briefings were not covered live until 1995.

Today, Joe Biden’s principal deputy White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, became the first Black woman to address the press corps live on air.

She was asked about the accomplishment by ABC News’ Mary Bruce. ““It’s a real honor to just be standing here today,” she replied. “I appreciate the historic nature, I really do, but I believe that being behind this podium, being in this room, being in this building is not about one person. It’s about what we do on behalf of the American people.”

Jean Pierre then praised the president:

I appreciate him giving me this opportunity and it’s another reason why I think we are so proud that this is the most diverse administration in history, but again this is not about me, this is not about any of us. We are going to be truthful. We are going to be transparent, and that’s the way I believe the president would want us to communicate to the American people.”

During his campaign, Biden had promised to have the most diverse team in American history. Today was just another example of the president making good on that promise.

Watch a clip of Jean-Pierre’s comments below:

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