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Ignoring Prophecies in Don’t Look Up: A Comedy of Humanity’s Deadly Errors

**Spoiler Alert: This text incorporates spoilers for Don’t Look Up**

About forty-five minutes into the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, it’s exhausting to not root for the comet that’s headed in direction of Earth which can inevitably render all mankind extinct. This comedic dystopian film is a home of mirrors reflecting all of the trivia our society is anxious with—politics, movie star relationships, fame, social media, and every other seemingly floor degree factor you may consider—whereas we’re all headed in direction of utter destruction. And for that cause, I can’t consider a greater movie to wrap up the 12 months 2021 than Don’t Look Up

When two astronomers, PhD candidate Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), uncover {that a} comet (“Comet Dibiasky,” named after Kate who made the unique discovery) is about on a crash course for Earth, their response is one like most anybody confronted with the grim actuality of imminent demise would have. The one downside is that regardless of the reams of proof, details, math, and visible photos, not many people who find themselves “certified” to do one thing concerning the impending doom have any actual concern about it. 

Just like the biblical prophets who spoke reality to those that wielded societal and spiritual energy, the scientific specialists had been largely ignored as folks distracted themselves with silly, vainglorious pursuits.

The President of the USA, Madam President Orlean (Meryl Streep) and her chief of workers (and son) Jason (Jonah Hill) are solely involved with sustaining energy for so long as attainable. So alerting the general public of the 100% probability that Comet Dibiasky will destroy all of mankind will shift the main target from them to the comet. Inevitably, they ignore the approaching hazard, a minimum of till a scandal breaks headlines, revealing that the President had an inappropriate relationship together with her Supreme Court docket nominee. Out of the blue, the presidential workplace makes Comet Dibiasky their prime precedence. Their approval scores shoot by way of the roof, offering them an awesome victory within the midterm elections. 

The presidential administration assembles a crew of astronomers (together with Dr. Mindy and Kate Dibiasky) to destroy the comet, and all seems to be hopeful. However simply when the trail towards salvation is on the horizon, the mission is diverted. However why? Properly, it seems that in accordance with software program billionaire tech mogul Peter Isherwell (Mark Rylance), the comet is stuffed with valuable minerals price trillions of {dollars}. So somewhat than destroying the comet, one other plan is rapidly constructed to blast it into items which may fall safely to Earth and be mined for revenue. 

When Dibiasky and Dr. Mindy have lastly had sufficient and resolve to talk out concerning the absurdity of the plan, they’re silenced by the administration, and the entire debacle turns right into a politicized spectacle. However when the precise comet can lastly be seen from Earth with out the assistance of a strong telescope, folks take discover and name for instant motion. Dibiasky and Dr. Mindy go viral, sparking a motion to #justlookup. However as soon as once more, when this motion positive factors floor, the presidential administration defies actuality and retaliates with its personal profit-driven marketing campaign: #dontlookup.

The indicators and symbols of the occasions for our society are littered all through Don’t Look Up: followers are engrossed with movie star breakups and makeups (Ariana Grande and Child Cudi even have a job within the movie depicting this), residents are able to take sides on any debate, information retailers comply with tendencies for clicks and views somewhat than reporting information that informs the general public, politicians make choices based mostly on sustaining energy somewhat than public service, tech moguls advantage sign with clear capitalist intentions of rising their wealth, and film stars strive interesting to “each side” of a “political” subject when the problems aren’t actually political within the governing sense. And as with most Hollywood dystopian films, America is positioned on the forefront of saving the world, excluding everybody else from coordinating an effort to cease this comet the scale of Mount Everest from slamming into Earth and destroying all of life.

If Don’t Look Up wasn’t so hilarious, it might in all probability be extremely offensive. The parallels to our governmental responses, inaction, and downplaying of not solely the Covid-19 outbreak, but in addition local weather change, financial inequity, and racial injustice, are clear for all who’ve eyes to see, as clear because the comet on a crash course with Earth on this film. The Dibiasky Comet represents our personal undoing after we fail to work collectively to eradicate what might inevitably be humanity’s doom. Within the phrases of poet/hip hop artist Propaganda: “We Are All We Obtained.” 

However how can we work collectively after we can’t even agree on the details of our issues—when the proof of what’s destroying humanity is clear however disregarded? When equal alternative, respect, dignity, and life are exchanged for the comforts of comfort, revenue, fame, self-indulgence and energy in any respect prices, it’s pretty simple to foretell the trajectory of 1’s life—a comparability readily observable by the tip of the movie when surveying Dr. Mindy’s and President Orlean’s lives. Peter Ishwell’s A.I. know-how that may predict everybody’s life and the way their lives will finish, accurately predicts how President Orlean’s life ends, however is inaccurate at predicting Dr. Mindy’s. President Orlean’s life ends as she makes use of her standing and privilege to flee the fateful finish of Earth on one other planet in one other galaxy (eaten by a dinosaur-like alien organism). Dr. Mindy’s life was predicted to finish alone, however as an alternative it ends at a desk surrounded by family and friends.

Inevitably, the capitalist plan fails and all is misplaced to destruction. The miracle of life is taken without any consideration and our ill-fated planet is destroyed. Just like the biblical prophets who spoke reality to those that wielded societal and spiritual energy, the scientific specialists had been largely ignored as folks distracted themselves with silly, vainglorious pursuits. On this manner, the movie serves as a warning that it’s essential to snicker at to maintain from crying. 

 “We actually did have the whole lot, didn’t we?”

~Dr. Mindy

Curiously, Don’t Look Up can’t assist however flip and acknowledge God in the long run. When there’s nothing left to do, no extra defenses to place up, and the characters give themselves over to no matter inevitable destiny awaits them, the deep-seated sense that there should be one thing or somebody larger than themselves—larger than the comet—assumes the topic of dialog round a “final supper” scene. Dr. Mindy’s household and Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan) are irreligious and don’t acknowledge any deities, however they really feel as if they need to acknowledge no matter overwhelming sense of mortality (within the face of immortality) that they’ve. 


Dibiasky’s boyfriend, Yuletide (Timothèe Chalamet), a punk skateboarder who was raised as an evangelical and inwardly accepts Christianity, however outwardly doesn’t need others to categorize him, leads Dr. Mindy’s household, Dr. Oglethorpe, and Kate in a prayer: 

Dearest Father and Almighty Creator, we ask for Your grace tonight, regardless of our satisfaction; Your forgiveness, regardless of our doubt. Most of all, oh Lord, we ask for Your love to assuage us by way of these darkish occasions. Might we face no matter is to return in Your divine will with braveness and open hearts of acceptance. Amen.

Yuletide’s prayer, nevertheless superbly prosed, comes too late, but it surely provides peace within the face of despair. The entire intelligence, science, and information humanity has on this fictional world is squandered due to greed, conspiracy theories, self-centeredness, and division. Regardless of our blindness and ignorance, when the proof is that this manifestly shut, humanity can’t assist however embrace the deadly comet. We’ve been blessed past measure on this Earth, much more so after we keep in mind all we’ve got entry to in our western world. However with such blessings come the accountability to maintain these advantages (Genesis 2:15).

So earlier than we get too riled up concerning the subsequent controversy, prepared to decide on sides in accordance with our notion of “proper” and “unsuitable,” possibly we must assess all our blessings and select gratitude first by contemplating how we will take care of what and who we’ve got earlier than it’s gone. Would possibly Dr. Mindy’s ultimate phrases assist us keep in mind this: “We actually did have the whole lot, didn’t we?”



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