If Democrats Change the Filibuster to Lift Debt Limit

Punchbowl News: “Getting rid of the filibuster just for the debt limit really means the legislative filibuster is gone forever. Democrats can pretend otherwise, but look what happened when the nuclear option was used to ‘limit’ the filibuster on executive-branch nominations in 2013. Now all executive branch nominees are subject to simple majority votes.”

“Once the door is opened, it’ll be hard to close it again. If you allow an exception for the debt limit, why not voting rights? Or guns? Or health care? Or climate change?”

Playbook: “Just as eliminating the filibuster for court nominees eventually led to doing so for Supreme Court nominees, an exception for the debt ceiling would inevitably trigger other demands. One could imagine voting rights advocates crying foul, for instance, insisting that their issue is worthy of similar treatment.”

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