Thursday, August 18, 2022

How researchers have pinpointed the origin of ‘warm-blooded’ mammals

Take heed to the most recent from the world of science, with Benjamin Thompson and Nick Petrić Howe.

On this episode:

00:46 When did mammals begin to regulate their temperature?

The evolution of ‘heat bloodedness’ allowed mammals to stay in a extra numerous vary of habitats, however figuring out when this occurred has been tough. To attempt to pin down a date, researchers have studied the fossilized stays of historical mammals’ interior ears, which counsel that this key evolutionary leap appeared round 230 million years in the past.

Analysis Article: Araujo et al.

Information and Views: Evolution of thermoregulation as advised by ear

07:14 Analysis Highlights

A brand new surgical glue that’s each robust and straightforward to take away, and southern fin whales return to Antarctica after being hunted to close extinction.

Analysis Spotlight: This adhesive bandage sticks strongly — even to bushy pores and skin

Analysis Spotlight: A feeding frenzy of 150 whales marks a species’ comeback

09:47 Construction of an enzyme reveals how its so environment friendly

Hydrogen dependent CO2 reductase is an enzyme that may convert CO2 from the air into formic acid that can be utilized as gasoline. It additionally does this extraordinarily effectively, however no one has been fairly positive how. Now researchers have an thought primarily based on an in depth structural evaluation.

Analysis Article: Dietrich et al.

17:51 Briefing Chat

We talk about some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, the findings of some large biodiversity stories, and the way woodpeckers don’t find yourself with complications from their pecking.

Nature Information: Greater than {dollars}: mega-review finds 50 methods to worth nature

Nature Information: Main wildlife report struggles to tally humanity’s exploitation of species

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