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Holy Batcave – Batman – Reflections of the Pure World

Taking a slight deviation from my theme of Yucatan Birds, one of many largest Holy Guacamole moments was truly of a unique form of flying vertebrate – bats. Deep within the forests of southern Campeche is a novel pure protected space generally known as “Zona Sujeta a Conservación Ecológica Balam-Kú” in Calakmul Municipality. This ecological space is residence to “El Volcán de los Murciélagos”.

There are seven bat caves identified in Mexico, however that is the one one that includes a visible volcano of erupting chiropterans. In truth, it’s certainly one of solely two know to exist in all the world. The second being in Malasia.

There have been 9 bat species recognized on this cave with one being nectivorous,

  • Pallas’ Lengthy-tongued Bat – Glossophaga soricina,

and the others insectivorous.

  • Davy’s (lesser) Bare-backed Bat – Pteronotus davyi,
  • Massive Bare-backed Bat – P. gymnonotus,
  • Parnell’s Mustached Bat – P. parnellii
  • Wagner’s Mustached Bat – P. personatus
  • Ghost-faced Bat – Mormoops megalophylla
  • Mexican Funnel-eared Bat –Natalus stramineus
  • Bushy-legged Myotis Bat – Myotis keaysi 
  • and Broad-eared Bat –  Nyctinomops laticaudatus).

Through the years a 130-feet-deep landslide has shaped as a consequence of rainfall and erosion. On the backside of this landslide there’s a cave with an entrance 400 ft broad and 500 ft deep, at its longest with a depth of virtually 2,000 ft. Each afternoon, roughly between 5 and 6 pm, “the volcano”, erupts with between three and 4 million bats as in the event that they had been lava. From the primary handful of rising bats, the eruption can last as long as 90 minutes till the final bat leaves its roost.


Hushed conversations in Spanish, French, English and German coming from the small group of ecotourists that had been gathered with a lot pleasure in anticipation of this residing volcano of bats. Standing on the sting of this expansive grotto, the quiet conversations gave the impression to be absorbed by the mysterious and exquisite setting. All of a sudden the speaking stopped as the primary handful of bats flew proper previous our statement level – “Right here they arrive!”

My thoughts tried to ascertain what the information mentioned can be virtually 8 million bats erupting from the cave. At first, a couple of dozen started to circle across the opening, slowly rising greater and better. Steadily the numbers grew, slowly at first after which rising virtually exponentially. Dozens turned lots of turned 1000’s turned MILLIONS. ABSOLUTLEY INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

Quickly, the cave partitions resonated with the sound of one million tiny bat wings flapping mightily to rise into the jungle sky. Creating their very own mini-weather system, the circling bats generated a funnel of rising winds, laden with the sulphureous odor of uncountable tons of bat guano.

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