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High 11 Advantages of Guava, Dietary Details, & Wholesome Recipes

Guava, also called “Amrood” in Hindi, is spherical/oval and is filled with tiny exhausting seeds within the centre. It’s native to Central America and has a flexible interior and outer layer. As well as, it additionally possesses a singular flavour and perfume. Folks name it among the best superfruits because of the quite a few well being advantages it presents.

Guava is a powerhouse of vitamins. It’s wealthy in antioxidants, vitamin C & A, lycopene, calcium, manganese, and potassium. Moreover this, guava can be low in energy, excessive in fibre, and makes for an incredible addition to your on a regular basis eating regimen.

Bodily Construction of the Guava Fruit

Guava belongs to a household of dicotyledonous crops referred to as the myrtle household. The crops have darkish inexperienced leaves of 5 to fifteen cm in size. The guava flowers are white with a number of stamens.

Guavas are about 4 to 12 cm in size. They’ve a candy perfume that’s similar to the delicate aroma of a lemon rind. When ripe, the outer pores and skin turns into mushy, and the pulp inside will get a candy style.

Dietary Details of Guavas

100 grams of guava incorporates: 

  • Energy: 68
  • Complete Carbohydrate: 14g
  • Sugar: 9 g
  • Fibre: 5 g
  • Protein: 2.6g
  • Fats: 1g
  • Saturated fats: 0.3g
  • Sodium: 2mg
  • Potassium: 417mg
  • Vitamin C: 228.3mg
  • Vitamin B6: 5% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9: 12% of RDA

The calorie content material per serving of guava is cheap contemplating its immense goodness. It has a really minimal fats content material and is wealthy in fibre and proteins. The sugar content material offers guavas their distinctive sweetness.

Different vitamin B constituents like niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin are current in appreciable portions. Smaller quantities of vitamin A and Ok are additionally current. As well as, guavas include a big quantity of manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium. Another minerals like zinc, calcium, and iron are current in smaller portions.

Confirmed Well being Advantages of Guava

There are numerous advantages of consuming Guavas. Nevertheless, guava leaves include extra advantages than the fruit itself. Many analysis research show this declare. It’s wealthy in phenolic compounds with antibacterial results. These compounds assist defend you from infectious and parasitic ailments comparable to Staph and Candida (yeast) infections. As well as, guava leaves assist relieve coughs and colds and work as a superb dwelling treatment for toothaches, swollen gums, and oral ulcers regardless of holding you secure from infections.

Guava Helps Construct Immunity

Guavas are a wealthy supply of vitamin C and include twice the quantity of vitamin C current in oranges. Vitamin C performs a significant position in bettering your immune system and defending you from infections by killing dangerous micro organism and viruses. 

Although there isn’t a proof to assist that guava can forestall a chilly, research counsel that vitamin C can reduce a chilly’s period. That’s as a result of vitamin C flushes out of your physique comparatively quick. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate vitamin C in your common eating regimen. As well as, guava reinforces iron absorption, thereby sustaining your physique’s immunity ranges and making you stronger.

Guava is a Diabetic-Pleasant Fruit

Guava is an effective supply of fibre and possesses a low Glycemic Index, making it diabetic-friendly. Whereas the low Glycemic Index inhibits a sudden spike in sugar ranges, the fibre content material ensures that the sugar ranges are effectively regulated.

A examine exhibits that guava leaf extracts can enhance blood sugar ranges. As well as, they will help management hyperinsulinemia, long-term blood sugar, hypercholesterolemia, hypoadiponectinemia, and hyperglycemia.

Due to this fact, it is without doubt one of the greatest fruits consumed by diabetic sufferers and people seeking to forestall diabetes.

Guava Retains the Coronary heart Wholesome

Guavas include excessive quantities of potassium and sodium, which assist regulate hypertension in sufferers affected by hypertension. In response to a examine, consuming ripe guava earlier than meals might decrease blood stress, lower complete ldl cholesterol, and enhance “good” ldl cholesterol by 8%. All these elements contribute to improved coronary heart well being.

One other examine means that guava leaf extracts assist lower blood stress, cut back “dangerous” ldl cholesterol, and enhance “good” ldl cholesterol. Due to this fact, it’s secure to say that guava leaf extracts minimise the danger of coronary heart illness and stroke.

Guava Could Assist with Weight Loss

Guava is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking to shed extra pounds because it helps regulate your metabolism and makes certain your consumption of proteins, fibre, and nutritional vitamins stay uncompromised. Furthermore, guavas make for a really filling snack and maintain you full for lengthy. 

There should not many research linking guavas on to weight reduction. Nevertheless, changing sugary drinks or meals objects with guava tea or guavas will assist you shed extra pounds. That’s as a result of guavas are decrease in energy and but very filling.

Guava Improves Digestive Well being

Guava incorporates excessive quantities of dietary fibre than different fruits. Fibre helps bulk up and soften stool which tends to ease constipation and diarrhoea. One guava incorporates 12% of your really useful each day fibre consumption. That makes it extremely helpful for digestive well being and wholesome bowel actions. Additionally, guava seeds, when ingested entire or chewed, act as glorious laxatives.

A examine exhibits that you could be additionally use guava leaf extracts to cut back the depth or period of diarrhoea. One other examine exhibits that these extracts include antimicrobial properties, which helps kill dangerous diarrhoea-causing micro organism within the intestine.

Guava Could also be Good for the Mind

Guavas are additionally wealthy in nutritional vitamins comparable to B6 and B3, generally known as pyridoxine and niacin, respectively. These two nutritional vitamins assist enhance blood circulation to the mind, calm down the nerves, and stimulate cognitive operate.

Guava Improves Pores and skin Well being

In case you are among the many many seeking to maintain positive strains and wrinkles away out of your face, then guava is the fruit for you. 

Guavas are wealthy in antioxidants like carotene, lycopene, and nutritional vitamins A and C, which assist defend the pores and skin from numerous skin-related points. As well as, a examine confirms that antioxidants, that are current in guavas, have anti-ageing results.

Research additionally present that guavas have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Due to this fact, consuming guava helps regain the pores and skin’s radiance and freshness. As well as, it retains away issues like discolouration, darkish circles, redness, and pimples. The fruit additionally helps tone and tighten the facial muscle groups, thereby leaving your pores and skin younger and supple.

Guava Helps Relieve Stress

The presence of magnesium within the fruit helps calm down the muscle groups and nerves in your physique. As well as, it helps you successfully relax and unwind. So, after a protracted day’s work or a tiring exercise session, consuming guava will relieve you of stress and likewise give your system a much-needed enhance of power.

It’s Useful Throughout Being pregnant

Neural tube defects (NTDs) are among the many commonest congenital disabilities, contributing to miscarriage, toddler mortality, extreme congenital abnormalities and profound disabilities. As well as, it’s burdensome to sufferers, caregivers, healthcare methods and society. A examine suggests {that a} each day consumption of 400 micrograms of folic acid at the very least one month earlier than being pregnant and the whole first trimester of being pregnant might cut back the danger of NTDs by as much as 80%.

Guava is wealthy in folic acid. Due to this fact, it’s glorious for pregnant girls. That’s as a result of it helps develop the infant’s nervous system and protects the fetus from congenital disabilities. As well as, the B-vitamin current within the fruit permits cells to divide and helps your physique create DNA and genetic materials for the fetus. Due to this fact, guava could be an incredible addition to your eating regimen throughout being pregnant.

Guavas are additionally wealthy in vitamin C, which will increase iron absorption. It, in flip, helps pregnant girls ship oxygen to their infants. Research have linked this to elevated fetal and toddler development until the age of 6 months.

Guava Helps Cut back Menstrual Ache

Many ladies expertise painful abdomen cramps throughout their menstruation (dysmenorrhea). Nevertheless, a examine on 197 girls with painful menstrual cramps who took 6 mg of guava leaf extract on daily basis confirmed decreased ache depth. The examine additionally means that guavas can produce an impact stronger than some painkillers.

Guava Helps Cut back the Danger of Most cancers

Whereas there isn’t a proof of guavas being useful in most cancers remedy, it may well assist cut back the danger of getting it within the first place. The presence of antioxidants comparable to lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C, and different polyphenols neutralise the physique of free radicals and forestall the expansion of cancerous cells. In response to a examine, guava leaf extracts cut back the danger of prostate most cancers and inhibit most cancers cells’ development. 

Guava Improves Eyesight/Imaginative and prescient

After carrots, guavas are the subsequent well-known fruit that helps enhance eyesight and imaginative and prescient well being. Not solely does the presence of vitamin A prevents the deterioration of eyesight, however it additionally helps to enhance it. As well as, it additionally protects one from creating macular degeneration and cataracts.

The climatic situation of India makes it a great place for rising guavas. Therefore, guavas are one of many prime 4 fruits cultivable right here. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are the highest guava-growing states. Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh carefully comply with this listing. The guava season varies relying on every state and its crop patterns. The final 4 a long time present a 55% enhance in guava manufacturing in India.

  • Sardar and Allahabad Safeda are two of probably the most well-known guava varieties in India. It is because of their glorious high quality and high-yielding skills. 
  • Vijayawada and Nuzvid are among the vital cultivators of the Sardar or Lucknow selection. 
  • The Allahabad selection finds its majority cultivators in Odugathur, Madurai, and Theni. 
  • A number of the different guava varieties are Lalit, Dhareedar, Safed Jam, and so forth.

Makes use of of Guava Fruit

Many cuisines use guavas for his or her juice. For instance, Agua Fresca is a well-liked guava juice utilized in Latin American nations. Sauces, candies, and snacks use this juice to boost the flavour. As well as, sauces and different pickled meals objects use purple guavas primarily to imitate the style of tomatoes.

Guavas include excessive quantities of pectin, whose primary part is sugar. So, this makes guavas a superb possibility for candies, jams, and jellies. Guava pulp makes for an incredible flavour in ice lotions and milkshakes. The guava leaves are edible within the type of natural teas and dietary supplements.

Methods to Eat Guava

Totally ripe guavas have a candy style. Verify for guavas with pale yellow or inexperienced pores and skin. Ripe guavas are mushy to the touch, much like a ripe avocado. Select the sweetest ones for all of the recipes given beneath.

  • The best method to devour guava is to eat them as they’re. The complete fruit, together with the seeds and the pores and skin, is edible. You’ll be able to chew into the entire fruit like an apple as effectively. Furthermore, those that don’t favor the rind can scoop out the flesh with a spoon.
  • Moreover, you’ll be able to devour guavas with chilli powder or pepper and salt. Slice up the guavas and sprinkle some chilli powder and salt on its flesh. The spicy and salty flavour completely enhances the fruit’s sweetness.
  • It’s equally important to pair up guavas with different fruits. It will increase the efficiency of your fruit platter. Lower the guavas with different fruits and add them to a fruit salad. 
  • It’s a wholesome dessert or breakfast possibility. As well as, guavas style wonderful in coleslaw as effectively.
  • Guava juice is a wonderful different to consuming fruit. The mildly candy style and the mushy flesh make it a superb possibility for mixing juices. Moreover, you’ll be able to grind guava items with some milk to make smoothies.
  • Additionally, take the smoothie up a notch and add different fruits of your alternative, some uncooked honey, chia seeds, and a few nuts. It’s a filling snack or breakfast merchandise.
  • Prepare dinner guavas with some jaggery powder to make a sauce out of them. The sauce works very effectively with pancake, yoghurt and oatmeal.
  • Guavas add a scrumptious flavour to ice lotions, jellies and candies. So, it makes for a wholesome possibility of dessert whereas satisfying your candy tooth.

Greatest Nutritionist-approved Wholesome Recipes utilizing Guava

#1 Guava Yogurt Smoothie


  • Guava chopped – 1 cup
  • Frozen banana slices – ½ cup
  • Low-fat yoghurt – ½ cup
  • Ice cubes


  • Mix all elements and serve chilled

#2 Guava Pomegranate Salad


  • Guava chopped: 1 cup
  • Pomegranate pearls: 1 cup
  • Roasted peanuts: 1 tbsp
  • Mint chopped: 1 tbsp

For Dressing

  • Lime juice: 1 tbsp
  • Black salt: ¼ tsp
  • Cumin powder: ¼ tsp
  • Crimson chilli powder: ¼ tsp
  • Chat masala: ¼ tsp


  • Combine the elements for the dressing
  • Mix the fruits, peanuts, mint and dressing in a bowl and blend effectively 

Guava: Precautions 

Whereas there are a lot of advantages to consuming guavas, there are a couple of precautions or issues earlier than including them to your each day eating regimen. They’re as follows:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding folks: There isn’t any conclusive proof on whether or not guavas, as a medication, are secure for ladies who’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Due to this fact, to be on the secure aspect, eat it in small portions as an everyday fruit. Additionally, be certain to scrub and peel the pores and skin off the guavas earlier than consuming to cut back the chance of ingesting any dangerous micro organism. Most significantly, seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking dietary supplements of any sort.
  • Diabetic sufferers: We all know that guavas might cut back your blood sugar. Nevertheless, folks with diabetes should always maintain monitor of their blood sugar ranges whereas consuming guavas. 
  • Sufferers with pores and skin circumstances: The extracts from guava leaves might include chemical substances that irritate your pores and skin. It could exacerbate pores and skin circumstances like eczema. So, when you have eczema or different related circumstances, devour guavas cautiously or keep away from them altogether.
  • Sufferers with upcoming surgical procedures: These scheduled for any type of surgical procedure ought to attempt to keep away from consuming guavas within the two weeks main as much as it. That’s as a result of guavas might intrude with blood sugar management or worsen the danger of bleeding throughout and/or after the surgical procedure.
  • The extract from a guava leaf might also trigger abdomen ache, nausea or bloating as a short lived aspect impact. 


Guavas are a magical fruit. It’s low in energy but filled with vitamins. The pale yellow or gentle inexperienced guavas are the ripest. Its delicate sweetness and mushy flesh make it a scrumptious alternative of fruit. As of 2019, India is a number one producer of guavas. Allahabad Safeda and Sardar are probably the most well-known varieties inside India.

It’s fibre-rich and filled with nutritional vitamins and minerals. The immunity-boosting and skin-healing vitamin C is considerable in them. It’s a diabetic-friendly fruit and likewise promotes the functioning of a wholesome coronary heart.

Guava leaf extracts have immense energy. Due to this fact, they help in digestion and relieve menstrual ache. Some research even say they’ve anti-cancer properties.

The underside line is; guavas are an ideal addition to your eating regimen. There are nearly no uncomfortable side effects to consuming guavas. The vitamins in it is going to alter your well being for the higher. Add it to your grocery listing to learn from its goodness.

Eat guava each day if you’d like a surge of vitamin C for higher immunity or just a tasty, wholesome possibility which you could have in numerous methods.

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does guava include Vitamin C?

A. Sure, guava is a wealthy supply of vitamin C. 100 grams of guava include roughly 228 grams of vitamin C.

Q. What’s the permissible amount of guava consumption per day?

A. You’ll be able to devour one to 2 guavas each day. There are not any uncomfortable side effects of consuming guavas. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of of something is flawed. 

Q. Can guava upset the abdomen?

A. Guava is a wealthy supply of fructose. Nevertheless, our physique can’t digest a big amount of those components. Therefore, many may expertise bloated stomachs after having too many guavas, because it disrupts easy bowel methods. 

Q. Does guava assist in weight reduction?

A. Guava is the right fruit for individuals who try to shed extra pounds. It’s low in energy but wealthy in fibre content material. It offers a sense of fullness for an extended period. The vitamins in guavas make it a wholesome possibility throughout weight reduction.

Q. Can guava assist struggle way of life ailments like diabetes?

A. Guava leaf extracts assist to handle diabetes, if not forestall it. Research present that consuming the leaf extract tea after a meal reduces blood sugar ranges. It presents a big discount in blood sugar in kind 2 diabetic sufferers. As well as, its low glycaemic index and excessive fibre content material helps to take care of sugar ranges.

Q. How usually can one eat Guava in a day?

A. You’ll be able to embrace 1 to 2 guavas in a day. You’ll be able to eat them as mid-day snacks, both in mid-morning or night.

Q. What’s the ideally suited quantity of guava one can eat in a day?

A. 80 to 100 grams of guava is good as one portion in a day.

Q. Are guava seeds dangerous for the physique?

A. No, guava seeds have quite a few well being advantages due to their excessive fibre content material. These advantages embrace relieving constipation, acidity and selling satiety.

Q. If consumed an excessive amount of, what are the uncomfortable side effects guava can have on the physique?

A. The excessive fibre in guava may cause diarrhoea and bloating if consumed in extra.

Q.  What’s the greatest time to eat Guava?

A. Any fruit comparable to guava is greatest consumed as a noon snack. It can be added to your breakfast as a smoothie or in a salad as effectively.

Q. What are the advantages of guava?

A. There are quite a few advantages to consuming guavas. Some embrace weight reduction, lowered blood sugar, improved eyesight, improved coronary heart well being, decreased threat of most cancers, and so forth.

Q. Who shouldn’t eat guava?

A. Folks with eczema or different pores and skin circumstances ought to keep away from consuming guava leaf extracts since they may irritate their pores and skin additional. Folks scheduled for surgical procedure also needs to keep away from consuming guavas within the two weeks main as much as it. It might worsen the danger of bleeding throughout/post-surgery.

Q. What illness can guava treatment?

A. It may be used for ache, diabetes, abdomen and intestinal issues, menstrual cramps, wound therapeutic, and hypertension.

Q. Are you able to eat guava uncooked?

A. Sure, any a part of the guava could be eaten uncooked. Nevertheless, be certain to scrub the outer floor/rind earlier than consuming.

Q. Which is healthier: pink or white guava?

A. Pink guavas are higher since they include much less sugar and starch.

Q. Is guava excessive in sugar?

A. Guavas include a whole lot of fructose which is a kind of pure sugar.

Q. Does guava enhance the immune system?

A. Sure, guavas can enhance one’s immune system because of the presence of vitamin C.

Q. Does guava trigger weight acquire?

A. No, guava doesn’t trigger weight acquire. Its high-fibre content material will help cut back your starvation and thus, assist you shed extra pounds. It’s additionally on the decrease finish of the calorie scale.

Q. Is guava dangerous for cough?

A. No, guavas assist forestall and/or treatment a nasty cough or chilly. Nevertheless, attempt to keep away from consuming it at evening.

Q. Can we drink tea after consuming guava?

A. Avoid acidic teas after consuming guava. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to drink oolong tea, white tea or black tea after consuming guava.

Q. Can guava leaves clear the uterus?

A. There isn’t any conclusive proof concerning whether or not guava leaves can clear the uterus. Nevertheless, it may well assist cut back menstrual ache and blood clotting.

Q. Is guava dangerous for kidney stones?

A. Consuming too many guavas might result in the formation of kidney stones. Nevertheless, for those who eat guavas carefully, you’ll reap the advantages talked about on this article.

Q. Which fruit could be eaten at evening?

A. Bananas are one of the best fruit to eat at evening since they include vitamin E, wholesome fat, and magnesium. 

Q. Does guava leaves cut back stomach fats?

A. Guava leaves will help in lowering weight. Nevertheless, it can’t assist you cut back fats in just one particular a part of your physique.

Q. Are guavas acidic?

A. Sure, because of the presence of citric and malic acids, guavas have a pH stage of round 3-4.

Q. Does consuming guava at evening enhance weight?

A. No, consuming guavas at evening doesn’t enhance your weight.

Q. Can guava leaves heal wounds?

A. Sure, guava leaf extracts will help in wound therapeutic. 

Q. Can we eat guava and milk collectively?

A. Since guavas are wealthy in vitamin C, it’s best to not devour them with milk. It could trigger digestive points or acidity.

Q. Can diabetics eat guava?

A. Sure, they’ll. Nevertheless, folks with diabetes should maintain monitor of their blood sugar ranges since guavas can decrease one’s blood sugar.

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