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Hawkeye ‌‌Recap:‌ Daybreak of Justice ‌(Episode‌s 5 & 6)‌

We’re‌ ‌operating‌ ‌a‌ ‌recap‌ ‌of‌ Hawkeye ‌‌on‌ ‌Disney+.‌ ‌There‌ ‌are‌ ‌spoilers,‌ ‌duh!‌ ‌You’ve‌ ‌been‌ ‌warned.‌ ‌

Hawkeye dashed my hopes for a forgiveness-heavy “Cause for the Season” Christmas finale. The showdown between Clint and Maya, which, whereas thrilling, didn’t dissipate the central battle between these two as a lot because the showrunners appear to assume it did. Maya, in the event you recall, had been on a mission to avenge her father’s dying and kill the Ronin. However when Clint, as Ronin, lastly revealed his true identification to her, he additionally revealed one thing extra: Maya’s father’s homicide was truly successful orchestrated by her boss, Wilson Fisk (often known as Kingpin, the deranged Massive Unhealthy from the MCU-ish Netflix collection Daredevil). 

Marvel took an Avenger stuffed with grief and disgrace… and partnered him with an apprentice whose degree of enthusiasm and youthful optimism hasn’t adorned the MCU for the reason that introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Maya intuited (appropriately) that Kingpin used her so-called buddy Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak to betray the Tracksuit Mafia (and Maya’s father), and tip off Ronin to their whereabouts, thus guaranteeing a fast, bloody homicide to the crew. 

And that’s how Maya’s rage turned from Clint to Fisk and Kazi, thus establishing her personal Disney+ spinoff collection within the not-too-distant future. 

And in the event you’re considering to your self, Wait, how does that get Clint off the hook for killing her dad? the reply is, it doesn’t. However we’re all adults right here, which implies we’re sufficiently old to appreciate that generally issues on TV and comedian books don’t make a lot sense.

Talking of issues that don’t make sense, 5 years in the past, a really dangerous film referred to as Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice graced our screens. “Stuffed” might be a greater phrase than “graced.” It stuffed our screens. This was again when Warner Bros tried to launch its personal Marvel-esque prolonged universe for DC, they usually determined the easiest way to do this was constructing upon the not-so-fertile floor laid by their Superman reboot film Man of Metal from 2013–a movie that only a few individuals remembered, and a fraction of those that did truly preferred. 

However not like Man of Metal, a lot of individuals do keep in mind Batman v Superman for being an absurdly terrible movie. And whereas there have been a lot of issues that made it terrible, most individuals agree that the dumbest, most horrible factor about it was the foolish and really dumb “out” it gave for why Batman didn’t wish to kill Superman anymore. 

It seems, Superman’s mother’s identify was Martha. That was Batman’s mother’s identify too! So after Lex Luthor threatened to kill Superman’s mother if Superman didn’t kill Batman, and after Batman was truly killing Superman due to…causes (don’t overthink it), Superman’s dying plea to Batman was, “You’re letting them kill Martha!” This shocked Batman. What do you imply Martha?! My mother? Are you speaking about my mother? Then Lois instructed Batman that Martha was Superman’s mother’s identify too. So Batman realized that Superman and Batman each have mothers, and their mothers each have names, and their mother’s names had been Martha. That’s when Batman mentioned, “I’m very sorry I needed to kill you. Please forgive me.” And the credit rolled. 

Or one thing like that.

All of this issues as a result of Maya wasn’t the one one who needed Clint useless. So when the writers wanted a option to make Yelena relent of her bloodlust and at last free Hawkeye of his predicament, 5 years was lengthy sufficient for too many individuals at Marvel Studios to neglect the horrible plot of Batman v Superman. Somebody thought, you understand what could be a great way for Yelena to stopping eager to kill Hawkeye? Simply when she’s about to shoot him useless, we may have Clint whistle the secret whistle that solely Natasha and Yelena knew about from the film Black Widow. So when Yelena hears the whistle, she would keep in mind her sister, and understand that Clint additionally knew her sister, however like, on a deep degree as a result of it’s the identical whistle. After which Yelena would say, “I’m very sorry I needed to kill you. Please forgive me.” And the credit rolled.

Or one thing like that. 

Okay, okay. It’s not as dangerous as Batman v Superman. Nothing ever could possibly be. Nevertheless it’s shut! Too shut for consolation. 

In the meantime, Kate Bishop discovered the reality about her mother being a felony, simply in time for Christmas. Eleanor Bishop, the girl in control of a “safety” firm, has been deep in Kingpin’s underworld for Kate’s complete life. And even when Eleanor tried guilty all the association on Kate’s dad (who was too useless to defend himself), Kate noticed by the gaslighting and confronted her mom with the easy proven fact that no matter mess her father received the household in doesn’t clarify Eleanor killing Armand Duquesne and framing her personal sword-loving fiancé Jack for it. 

Talking of, Jack Duquesne, the Swordsman? Not a foul man in spite of everything! And I have to say, seeing him fence a bunch of Tracksuit Mafia lackeys to dying was a weirdly satisfying arc to an in any other case baffling character.

So in the event you’re maintaining observe, Maya and Yelena each dropped the entire trying-to-kill-Clint chestnut, Maya “killed” Kingpin as an alternative (it occurred off display, so it most likely didn’t occur in any respect), and Eleanor is in jail. 

Which implies Clint made it again to his household in time for Christmas, and Kate and the canine got here alongside too. The “discovered household” chorus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe lives on.

Regardless of me spending this last recap goofing on this goofy present, Hawkeye was a genuinely fulfilling collection, and much better than it deserved to be. Marvel took an Avenger stuffed with grief and disgrace from the occasions of Avengers: Endgame, and partnered him with an apprentice whose degree of enthusiasm and youthful optimism hasn’t adorned the MCU for the reason that introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The Hawkeye Scrooge confronted his previous, burned the go well with, and gained one thing of a daughter within the course of. And Kate, ever the Hawkeye admirer, adopted a brand new household, new canine, and a brand new superhero identify in addition. (Pssst…she’s Hawkeye now too.) 

All indicators level to this being much less of a “cross the mantle” sort of story, much less of a “Jeremy Renner doesn’t wish to hold taking part in this character anymore” sort of story, and extra of a “That is the start of a stupendous friendship” sort of story. 

You’ll get no pushback from me on that. The extra, the merrier. 

Merry Christmas, and God bless us, each one!



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