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From Jail to Sanctuary: Macka, Milo, Dobie, & Rad Ducklings Get A Second Probability

In 2020, the US slaughtered almost 10 billion land animals. Roughly 22.5 million had been geese.

Pekin geese, like Dobie and Rad, are generally raised for meat. They’re additionally bred with Muscovy geese to provide the (sterile) Moulard breed exploited for foie gras manufacturing. Rouen geese, like Macka and Milo, are additionally generally bred for meat.

Many spend their lives confined inside our nation’s manufacturing unit farms. Home geese can dwell between 5 and ten years—and even into their teenagers and early 20s. On farms, meat breeds are typically killed at simply seven weeks previous; foie gras geese get about 100 days.

Some individuals hold yard flocks to help kinder therapy of those animals. However these geese have extra in widespread with factory-farmed birds than many individuals understand. As with chickens and turkeys, geese destined for yard farms come from the identical hatcheries that provide animals to manufacturing unit farms. They’re additionally shipped by the mail at simply sooner or later previous to feed shops and houses throughout the nation. Most are packaged with out meals or water—they’ll soak up vitamins from their yolk sac at first—however any transport delays or postal errors could be deadly if transit takes greater than three days.

Yearly, come springtime, pet shops additionally boast a child increase—bunnies, chicks, and ducklings galore. They’re irresistibly cute, which results in many impulse buys. Some present them to their youngsters to have a good time the season. However just like the cats and canine we welcome into our houses, cattle are a lifelong accountability. Sadly, few individuals hold their long-term wants in thoughts. As soon as these infants begin to outgrow their dwelling area, some will attempt to rehome them. Others may neglect them like undesirable toys. And nonetheless others may strive “returning” them to the wild that they by no means knew.



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