Former RNC Chair Steele Absolutely Destroys Lap-Dog Lindsey Graham

A long, long time ago, Lindsey Graham was seen as a senator willing to make deals on both sides of the aisle. But the South Carolina senator is now very far away from those days.

Graham, more than perhaps any other prominent Republican lawmaker, is all in on Donald Trump. He recently said that the party can’t even move forward without Trump at its head.

The South Carolina senator recently said to Sean Hannity, “I’ve always liked Liz Cheney, but she’s made a determination that the Republican Party can’t grow with President Trump. I’ve determined we can’t grow without him.”

Michael Steele, the former chair of the RNC was asked about those comments on Sunday. He told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, “My, how the mighty have fallen and sunken to the lowest of lows that Donald Trump is your savior. The reality of it is Donald Trump five years ago was someone that everyone was like, ‘why is he here?’ and now they are kicking everyone else out of the room because he is here.”

The Lincoln Project member continued:

“It speaks of desperation — desperation of leadership, desperation for ideas, desperation for a way to move the country forward and embrace its diversity. That’s what Liz Cheney is trying, has been trying to tell them and she has shown the leadership, which they are threatened by, as one of her caucus members put it, you know, ‘she’s like that girlfriend who doesn’t listen to you.’ Really? that’s your go-to with Liz Cheney? That tells you where we are.”

While the direction of the Republican party may be upsetting to Steele, it is delightful to Democrats. The party has gone all in on the unpopular Trump and it figures to be a boon for Liberals.


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