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Flying a Drone in Sizzling Climate (Issues You Ought to Know) –

Though for a lot of, January brings colder, disagreeable climate, the summer time months might be right here within the blink of an eye fixed.  One thing that ought to be thought-about, even now, in preparation for the sweltering months your space could have in retailer, are ideas for flying a drone in scorching climate.

Some data and some helpful ideas we’ll delve into embrace:

  • When is it too scorching to fly?
  • The challenges of scorching climate flight and the results warmth has on drones
  • The right way to fly longer in scorching climate
  • The right way to hold drone batteries cool in scorching climate
  • The results of warmth on cell telephones and tablets

When is it too scorching to fly a drone?

It is a excellent query and deserves a good bit of consideration.  What’s extraordinarily scorching for some could also be delicate to others.  Nevertheless, on the earth of drones, there’s a outlined most temperature threshold that drone operators ought to adhere to.  

For many DJI, Autel, and Parrot drones, the utmost working temperature is 104°F (40°C).  This is smart, as drones are on the mercy of the digital elements contained in the drone and, extra importantly, the batteries therein.  

Flying in excessive temperatures could also be harmful for the drone and, by the legal guidelines of trigger and impact, to individuals within the surrounding space.

The challenges of scorching climate drone flight

Except for the discomfort scorching climate has on the operator, there are a couple of facets of the drone that climate has damaging results on as effectively.


At first look, you may surprise, how might scorching climate have an effect on the propellers?  That is an attention-grabbing one, because it offers extra with the potential results the recent day can have on the climate.  Merely put, throughout summer time months, or scorching climate occasions, many occasions, there may be accompanying humidity or muggy circumstances.  

The humid circumstances have an effect on the propellers, which in flip, have an effect on different areas of the drone.  With out going into too many meteorological explanations, humid air is lighter than dry air, which means the air has a decrease density.  

Due to this, drone propellers have much less effectivity concerning carry in humid circumstances, inflicting the motors to work tougher, thus placing extra pressure on an already scorching battery.  We’ll be discussing the results scorching climate has on batteries quickly.


Crack open a drone and also you’ll see it’s packed filled with electronics.  With out these electronics, our beloved drones would by no means take off.  Throughout good climate flying, one may not even give it a second thought.  Add climate extremes like blizzards or warmth waves, and that’s one thing completely totally different.  With any electronics, if they’re uncovered to high-temperature extremes, they start to fail.  

When you go away your telephone, or another digital gadget in a scorching automobile with the home windows up, you’ll discover it’d begin performing “humorous”.  The show may fade in or out or cease working utterly.  

This is identical in terms of drone electronics.  When a drone will get too scorching (above that 104-degree mark talked about earlier), the digicam could be affected, or the drone can begin dropping the video stream to the controller.  The proximity sensors may also start to fail, in addition to a couple of different points with the motors.  These may end up in the lack of a drone.

Drone shade

That is a type of obscure facets of flying in scorching climate that you simply simply may not take into consideration.  The colour of your drone can affect it.  

How?  I’ll illustrate it this fashion:  Have you ever ever been in a car parking zone, barefoot in the summertime?  When you stroll on the white traces within the car parking zone, your ft are effective.  Step off onto the black asphalt and also you may undergo what looks like 3rd diploma burns on the bottoms of your ft.  The reason is the colour white displays daylight and warmth whereas darker colours and black take in daylight and warmth.

This is identical for drones.  Whereas many people like darker drones for higher visibility within the sky, for example, the Phantom 4 Professional Obsidian, they maintain extra warmth than the harder-to-see white drones, like the usual white shade Phantom line.  The darker shade drones get hotter, thus affecting the inside elements a bit sooner than the lighter/white coloured drones.

Digital camera

One other crucial drone element that’s affected by scorching climate is the digicam itself.  That is extra a mixture of extraordinarily heat or scorching temperatures and cooler temps.  One thing to pay attention to on this regard goes out of your properly cool or chilly air-conditioned car after which flying instantly thereafter.  

As a result of the drone was sitting within the air-conditioned automobile after which flown within the warmth, the digicam could develop condensation behind the lens itself and/or the UV filter, ought to the drone have one.  

On this case, merely permitting the drone to heat up and get acclimated to the warmer temperatures might be sufficient time for the lens to ultimately defog.  If it’s simply the detachable UV filter, you may wipe that off and wait a couple of minutes.

Climate to be careful for

Along with scorching climate being, effectively, HOT, hotter climate brings with it extra climate circumstances brought on by extraordinarily heat temperatures.  A few of this climate to pay attention to can be:

Muggy/Humid climate

This was touched on earlier within the Propeller part.  Nevertheless, it’s good to incorporate muggy/humid days right here as effectively.  As a recap, opposite to widespread perception, these muggy and humid days trigger the air to be much less dense than your commonplace non-humid days.  

Due to this much less dense air, the drone flies considerably much less effectively, which means you’ll put extra pressure on the battery, leading to shorter flight occasions.


This one is a little more critical, on a couple of fronts, than flying in humid climate.  In the USA, the FAA has dominated that to fly legally, the drone have to be at all times inside Visible Line of Sight (VLOS), whether or not seen to you or somebody you’ve designated as your Visible Observer (VO).  

When the climate is foggy, there’s a greater likelihood of shedding sight of the drone, which might end in a crash, injury to somebody’s property, or private harm.

Along with shedding sight of the drone, flying in extraordinarily foggy climate may end up in the drone accumulating a lot moisture that water will get into the drone’s airframe and damages the interior digital elements, probably inflicting a malfunction and a crash. 

When you plan to fly in foggy circumstances, contemplate doing the next:

  • Affix FAA regulation “drone anti-collision” lights to the airframe.  This may enhance the probabilities for manned plane to see your drone AND help in you with the ability to hold your drone inside VLOS
  • Carry additional batteries.  As a result of foggy climate tends to carry with it extra humid air, as talked about above, the effectivity of the drone might be decrease, leading to shorter flight occasions
  • Waterproof your Drone.  There are numerous third-party corporations which have options for sure drones which allow them to fly within the rain and fog whereas minimizing and even eliminating water/moisture injury


With scorching and humid climate comes the opportunity of rain showers or thunderstorms.  As a Floridian, that is one thing I take care of lots, whether or not I fly in Central Florida or the Gulf Coast.  

Since electronics and water don’t combine, it might be finest to keep away from getting caught within the rain altogether, canceling your flight plans must you bear in mind beforehand of a coming storm.  Most of the time, a soaked drone will end in a damaged or unflyable drone.  

At occasions, although, it may not be potential to keep away from getting caught within the rain.  If so, it’s advisable to land as quickly as potential, in a dryer and protected place.  

As talked about within the fog part, for those who actually need to fly within the rain, or have paid jobs that require you to fly “rain or shine”, there are answers out there for a lot of drones to take action.

The right way to fly longer in scorching climate

Up up to now, now we have mentioned the results scorching climate has on drones and their particular person elements.  Now we’ll go over some ideas and areas to pay attention to that’ll permit longer flight occasions.

Preserve your cool

As with all out of doors exercise, protecting your self cool and hydrated is important.  It doesn’t matter in case your drone is fortunately zipping by on a scorching day, with no issues brought on by the warmth.  If YOU are feeling the unwell results of the warmth, that may transmit to the drone, probably inflicting inaccurate and unprecise flight.  If potential:

  • Fly from the duvet of shade.  This may very well be underneath a tree or perhaps a seaside chair with an umbrella connected
  • Fly from inside your car.  So long as you’ve a transparent line of sight together with your drone, this can be a viable various.  Some drone operators do that, particularly within the wintertime.
  • Keep hydrated.

Preserve the drone transferring

As you might need seen by yourself drone, there are numerous ports, slats, grills, and openings.  These are designed to permit the entry of air, serving to to chill the drone down on scorching days and help in releasing the build-up of warmth.

To maintain your drone a bit cooler on these terribly scorching days, attempt to keep away from staying stationary over one spot for too lengthy.  Staying in a single spot doesn’t permit air to enter the drone, to help in cooling down the inside electronics, making the drone extra susceptible to failure.

Preserve your batteries cool

There’s loads of data on the web, in addition to right here on Droneblog, that goes into correct battery care, storing batteries at room temperature, and steps to maintain batteries from getting broken attributable to excessive temperatures.  

Batteries which can be always flown in excessive temperatures, on this occasion warmth, are susceptible to everlasting decreases in battery capability, stability, and life.  Even when simply flying a couple of occasions within the excessive warmth, the batteries are subjected to working tougher, heating up sooner and depleting faster, thus resulting in shorter flights.

To maintain your batteries cool, you may contemplate:

  • Retaining drone batteries inside your air-conditioned automobile, as an alternative of within the trunk when en path to and from areas
  • After your flight, take the battery out of the drone, as doing so will help within the battery and drone cooling down sooner
  • When on location, have a small, empty drink cooler with you and retailer the batteries in it (no drinks or different moisture within the cooler).  Put the ice pack in a freezer bag or two to lure any condensation from the pack, protecting it away from the batteries.

Be certain that all batteries are absolutely charged

We now have seen a standard theme right here concerning batteries and flying within the warmth.  Warmth causes batteries to deplete faster.  

This being the case, it’s a good suggestion to have all batteries charged to 100% to get probably the most out of them.  That 20/25 minutes of flight time now we have burned in our minds from regular flights, seems to be a bit much less when flying in excessive temperatures.

Cell telephones and tablets

The warmth doesn’t simply wreak havoc on drone batteries and drone electronics but additionally on the cell units we use to fly them.

I exploit quite a lot of units with my drones: iPads, iPhones, Android Telephones, and Tablets.  I need to say that they do certainly undergo from heat-related points, particularly after I’m flying on the coasts in the summertime.  

A number of the issues I’ve skilled, and also you may as effectively, are:

  • Display dimming, then going utterly black
  • The units changing into too scorching to even contact
  • Typically, the gadget shuts itself off (with an overheating warning message)

Similar to the drone batteries, it’s a good suggestion to maintain your digital units as cool as potential.  A couple of methods to do that are a few of the similar issues one would do with their drone batteries:

  • Preserve your digital gadget inside your air-conditioned automobile, till able to fly (if it’s not the one you utilize to make calls already contained in the car)
  • Have a small, empty drink cooler with you and retailer the units in it
  • Fly from the duvet of shade
  • Fly from inside your car
  • Take away telephone and pill circumstances to permit the units’ warmth to correctly disperse


None of us need our drones to malfunction, crash or hurt anybody.  However, as could be seen, with correct precaution and planning, flying in scorching climate could be executed safely for ourselves, our drones, and people who could be in our neighborhood. 



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