Facebook bans Trump until at least 2023

Facebook bans Trump until at least 2023. Quite frankly, it is time to sue Facebook for defamation of character. They are banning him pronouncing him guilty of deliberately instructing people to storm the Capitol. It is really time to drag Zuckerberg from his office crying.

Zuckerberg allows the Communist Party of USA to have a page on Facebook and to effectively advocate the overthrow of capitalism, but Donald Trump is banned?  Zuckerberg is really an anti-American for he is more interested in getting worldwide electronic banking for himself than to simply provide a platform for the public. He banned anyone who dared to say there was a lab-leak that started COVID. Suddenly he had to reverse that. He is always on the wrong side of human rights which include freedom of speech.

Zuckerberg is trying to silence Trump to ensure he will not be able to run in 2024 so he can keep control of the internet as promised by the Democrats.

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