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Experimenters Push Monkey Species to the Brink of Extinction

PETA has been shouting it loud sufficient for the individuals within the again to listen to, and now the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s most complete info supply on the worldwide conservation standing of animals, has joined our refrain: Animal experimentation has pushed two species of monkeys to the brink of extinction.

The IUCN right this moment upped the classification of two monkey species—long-tailed macaques and pig-tailed macaques—from “susceptible” to “endangered.” This classification lands each monkey species on the IUCN’s Pink Listing of Threatened Species among the many most endangered species on the planet. The IUCN says that these monkeys’ numbers in nature will decline by 50%—half!—over the following three generations, if the present threats are usually not mitigated.

It’s no coincidence that these two species are additionally favorites of animal experimenters, who’ve spawned an entire merciless business of extracting monkeys from their properties in Asia and Mauritius so as to sate the appetites of U.S. experimenters. Snatching monkeys from Asia is quicker and cheaper than breeding them within the U.S., so a monkey-abduction pipeline pours 1000’s of them into the U.S. from abroad each month.

That pipeline is steeped in violence. Hunters in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mauritius, and Vietnam lure mom monkeys, pry their infants away and stuff them into luggage, and cram the moms—together with any of the opposite troop members who’ve survived being captured—into crates. Some might be bought on to U.S. laboratories, whereas others will find yourself on industrial monkey manufacturing facility farms first, the place the moms might be compelled to reside and breed in filthy, barren situations. Damage and illness are frighteningly widespread at these amenities, and most of the monkeys die. All of the infants are torn away from the moms shortly after delivery.

Greater than 1,000,000 of those monkeys have been ripped from their properties and shipped to the U.S. over the previous 4 many years. These are the survivors. Many extra die earlier than they are often boxed up and flown to the US.

Whereas the nation’s nationwide primate analysis facilities and different laboratories proceed to whine a couple of made-up scarcity of monkeys, the total toll of their gluttony for monkeys to poke and prod in pointless experiments—that for many years have left sufferers nonetheless wanting for remedies for most cancers, HIV/AIDS, and different horrible human maladies—has lastly been revealed. Regardless of inflicting monkeys ache and struggling, experimenting on them has carried out little to ahead scientific analysis, nevertheless it has succeeded in practically wiping two species of monkeys off the face of the planet.

It. Should. Cease.

Please take a minute to TAKE ACTION right this moment by including your voice in opposition to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention’s importation of monkeys for laboratory experimentation. Inform the company to close down the monkey-abduction pipeline.



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