Discreetly Yours by Stephen Murry

   by Stephen Murry

I do love the cover and Title of the book .To me Discreetly Yours has a triple meaning here. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. The three main characters all have their own distinct personalities. The A team as they refer to themselves as. Three very close friends and “Co workers”

murder mystery

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Satin, Ruby and Goldie, (not their real names) but their  “professional” working names. These three Ladies, These Pros if you will have a problem. What do you do when you have a problem? Of course you find a solution so said problem is no more.

The Problem? Well that would be Frankie. Frankie is their “Manager”. A loud abusive and very much a bully of a man.

The solution the ladies come up with? Murder good ol’ Frankie.

Discreetly Yours is not a who dun it because we already know who did it. It is however a very well written thriller mystery type.The beauty of the book is how author Stephen Murray puts the story together. It’s like the Breaking Bad scenario that has you rooting for the one who did the deed. The trio of women are the ones you want to succeed here. The planning they go through , building the alibi’s. It is just a plain fun read. The three friends are certainly not the bimbo type. These are three smart determined if not a little devious women that know what they want. and how to get it.When they get together and pull out the wigs watch out. Satin has it all under control she knows a lot of peoples secrets and not afraid to use them

If you have not yet guessed it,Satin,Ruby and Goldie are very high priced Las Vegas Call girls. That’s right Ladies of the evening! The top of the line you could say.

Don’t be fooled about the content Although the business these ladies are in is sex. There is absolutely no sex ,just good clean harmless MURDER!!! Will they get away with it?

Frankie had it coming. As owner of the most exclusive escort agency in Las Vegas, he had crossed the line more than once with his “Babes.” But this time was the last time, especially for Satin, Ruby and Goldie – his A Team. Could they mastermind the perfect crime to get rid of Frankie? Could it be considered justifiable homicide if they were caught? Or could they actually get away with murder? They were never his to begin with, but if Frankie was out of the picture, they could be….. Discreetly Yours.






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