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Christine Lattin: LSU Experimenter Nonetheless Tormenting Birds

PETA needed particulars concerning the most recent spherical of lethal, pointless experiments on birds carried out by Christine Lattin, Louisiana State College’s (LSU) resident fowl tormentor, however the college refused handy over the information. So PETA sued LSU—and received.

Now, LSU should lastly cough up all the paperwork that it was legally required to supply on Lattin’s grisly and publicly funded experiments. After studying the information that LSU tried so arduous to cover, we all know why college officers circled the wagons to guard her.

Louisiana State College alum Holly Reynolds (far proper) spends her one hundredth birthday talking out for animals.

Lattin, LSU’s menace to birds, trapped and killed 123 birds in a 13-month interval ending in June 2020. That’s a mean of about two birds every week, each week, for greater than a 12 months. She trapped 31 of these birds in East Baton Rouge Parish earlier than March 2020—when she and her lawyer leaned on the town of Baton Rouge for an exception to its fowl safety ordinance.

It seems that a number of the birds she trapped had been so burdened by their abduction and sudden imprisonment—a situation described as “failure to thrive”—that they merely died or had been killed inside every week.

Lattin, whose previous experiments have included feeding crude oil to birds and by some means calling that “science,” has once more plumbed the depths of absurdity—and cruelty—on this newest spherical of experiments. Purportedly to check sparrows’ worry of unfamiliar objects (often known as “neophobia”), she withheld meals from them for 15 hours after which put random objects—reminiscent of blinking lights, yellow pipe cleaners, a purple plastic egg, a tinfoil hood, gold bells, pink puffs, and an unopened blue cocktail umbrella—close to their meals dishes, to see how readily the birds would method.

That’s it—that’s the entire experiment. Plop a cocktail umbrella in entrance of hungry, kidnapped birds, watch, videotape, after which kill them and cube up their brains to investigate for variations in gene expression.

Christine Lattin experiements protested at LSU

Lattin additionally devised spin-off experiments primarily based on this lethal clown present. She caged birds in pairs to see how a associate’s conduct would affect the opposite. She’s examined the microbes within the birds’ stomachs to search for variations in birds who reacted otherwise. And he or she’s injected birds with hormones to see how that impacts their reactions to no matter was in her pocket that day.

If this appears merciless and meaningless to you, you’re proper. It’s.

Research of 1 fowl species don’t assure insights into different species’ reactions to the identical setting or stimuli. If there’s a genetic foundation for neophobia within the sparrows Lattin traps, imprisons, and torments—that’s, if there are variations between the genes of sparrows who display worry of recent objects and people of ones who readily method new objects—that wouldn’t essentially have any relevance for free-living sparrows, different species of birds, or people. Lattin is simply churning out information in order that she will be able to publish papers, safe funding, and name herself a scientist. Animal experimentation is an trade that makes a speciality of cruelty. That’s all.

Christine Lattin bird expriments exposed by PETA

In one in every of her earlier experiments, Lattin subjected two teams of untamed sparrows to captivity for 2 weeks, then killed and dissected them. She injected one group with a drug that suppressed their adrenal operate, and the opposite group was a management. The one distinction noticed within the birds who acquired the adrenal drug was that they wiped their beaks barely much less usually—a outcome that has no sensible relevance to scientific remedies or alleviation of stress from captivity in wild animals. It solely produced extra lifeless birds.

Christine Lattin should not proceed to insult science and kill extra birds in wicked experiments that inflict struggling and are devoid of that means.

Please urge LSU to finish her cruelty:

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