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Born within the Rockies: Rising Up | Meet the Kangaroo Rat | Nature


(crickets chirping) – [Narrator] And right here at the bottom of the dunes, one tiny creature is simply starting his day.

It is a kangaroo rat, Timid by nature, this nocturnal rodent hops like a kangaroo and has the looks of a rat, however he’s neither.

He’s, nevertheless, uniquely tailored to abandon life.

And this younger kangaroo rat is trying to find seeds blowing throughout the sand.

He is not consuming the seeds, however slightly storing them in his cheek pouches and bringing them again to his burrow for safekeeping.

It is a complicated burrow system with separate chambers for sleeping and others for storing meals.

And this underground house is his citadel, which he’ll vigorously defend from any intruder.

Our younger kangaroo rat is again on the hunt for seed.

However his search takes him farther and farther from his residence.

And whereas he is away, his curious neighbor, drawn by the scent of seeds, infiltrates his burrow.

Our younger kangaroo rat lastly returns from his foray.

He does not comprehend it but, however his neighbor is already inside.

He springs into motion… chasing the intruder out of his burrow and into the night time.

It is the top of an extended night time for our kangaroo rat, however now he is safely tucked away inside his residence.



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