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Bintlets Born at Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo celebrated Independence Day with the start of child bintlets. Feminine binturong (Arctictis binturong) Thistle gave start to 3 infants the night of July 4. That is the primary binturong start on the zoo in over 20 years. Two of three infants are thriving. Nonetheless, the third bintlet was discovered to be sick and regardless of 24-hour care by veterinary and animal care employees, the bintlet handed away within the week following its start.


The Zoo veterinary staff was capable of monitor the being pregnant by means of ultrasounds that Thistle voluntarily participated in due to constructive reinforcement coaching carried out by her zookeepers. Bintlets are born with eyes sealed and stay hidden within the mom’s thick fur for his or her first few days. At six to eight weeks, they’re the scale of a home cat, have grown a coat of coarse hair, and start to discover and eat stable meals.


“Animal care employees has carried out an ideal job coaching the mom binturong Thistle to permit awake ultrasounds. Thistle voluntarily stands in place to let me ultrasound her stomach and she will select to stroll away at any time. We’ve been capable of accumulate useful info on fetal parameter growth in Binturongs and we hope to share this info to the zoo broad group in a scientific publication sooner or later,” mentioned Director of Animal Well being Dr. Ronan Eustace.

Binturongs, also known as bearcats though they aren’t a bear or a cat, reside within the canopies of tropical rain forests in southeast Asia. Usually, within the wild, binturongs reside alone or in small household teams consisting of a feminine and her immature offspring.  The feminine binturong is considered one of only some mammals that may expertise delayed implantation, which permits the feminine to time the start of her younger with optimum environmental situations.

The zoo staff has been monitoring the brand new household by means of a digital camera within the nest field in addition to weighing the infants every day. The 2 bintlets are persevering with to achieve weight at a constant charge and are very sturdy.

“This profitable binturong breeding is unimaginable for the species. I’m excited for Potter Park Zoo, our group, and the species as an entire,” mentioned Animal Care Supervisor Pat Fountain. “The zookeepers labored laborious to make this potential.”

Barry, the daddy was born in 2017 on the Brookfield Zoo and mom Thistle was born in 2019 on the Roger Williams Zoo. The pair was really helpful to breed at Potter Park Zoo by the binturong Species Survival Plan (SSP). Within the wild, binturongs are listed as susceptible in some elements of their habitat and endangered in others. They’re presently in danger as a consequence of habitat destruction, poaching for conventional Asian medicines, and the fur and pet commerce. The efforts of Potter Park Zoo and the SSP will assist maximize genetic range and long-term sustainability of binturong in zoos accredited by the Affiliation of Zoos and Aquariums whereas educating guests on this distinctive species.

As a result of rearing is completed by mother alone, zoo guests can nonetheless see Barry in his habitat, however should wait a couple of months earlier than Thistle and the bintlets are out and about. Comply with the zoo’s social media and weblog for normal updates on the brand new binturong household.



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