Another ban looming for Gor Mahia: Fifa orders club to pay Ghanaian ex-player Jackson Owusu within 45 days

Gor Mahia are, once again, on the verge of being handed a transfer ban by Fifa if they don’t settle what they owe Jackson Owusu in the next 45 days, with the bill totaling more than Ksh.3 million ($27,000), inclusive of interest and allowances. 

The midfielder was part of K’Ogalo squad under former coach Steven Polack but was released in October, after just a single season with K’Ogalo. His dues were not settled and after intervention from the Ghanaian Footballers Association, still, Gor Mahia did not oblige.

The midfielder then opted to report the Football Kenya Federation Premier League side to Fifa.

What has been said?

“On 20 January 2020, the Ghanaian player, Owusu Jackson, and the Kenyan club, Gor Mahia FC concluded an employment contract valid for the period of one year,” a statement from Fifa, and obtained by Goal read.

“The player was entitled to a monthly salary of Ksh.190,000, a monthly allowance of Ksh.6,000, a signing fee of [Ksh.1 million] and a housing allowance of Ksh.10,000. 

“On 4 February 2021, the player put the club in default for the payment of his entitlements, granting the club a 10 days’ deadline for paying the outstanding amounts, however to no avail.”

What was the ruling?

On March 17, Owusu opted to file the claim before the Fifa Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) after Gor Mahia failed to settle the monies owed. 

“[Gor Mahia] failed to prove that any of the alleged amounts has been transferred to the player’s bank account as well as considering the player’s comments on such proof of payments, the DRC judge came to the conclusion that the outstanding amounts are due to [Owusu] and should be paid by [the club],” read the ruling.

Gor Mahia fans at Kasarani Stadium.

“As a consequence, and in accordance with the general legal principle of pacta sunt servanda, [Gor Mahia] must fulfill its obligations as per the contract concluded with [Owusu] and, consequently, is to be held liable to pay the outstanding amounts of Ksh.1 million and Ksh 2.28 million to [Owusu].

“In addition, in accordance with its well-established jurisprudence and the request of [Owusu] the DRC decided that [Gor Mahia] had to pay default interest at a rate of 5% p.a. until the effective date of payment…”

45 days to pay or a ban to sign new players will be implemented

The former champions have been handed about eight weeks to pay the player or suffer the consequences.

“The DRC judge decided that [Gor Mahia] must pay the full amount due, including all applicable interest, to [Owusu] within 45 days of notification of the decision, failing which, at the request of [Owusu], a ban from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the maximum duration of three entire and consecutive registration periods shall become immediately effective…”

Recently, Gor Mahia’s previous transfer ban was lifted after they paid former coach Steven Polack and former players Shafik Batambuze and Dickson Ambundo after Fifa’s intervention.


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