10 Old-School Acts of Love That Will Surprise Your Spouse

When is the last time you wrote an old-fashioned love letter on paper, or a card to your spouse? Maybe never?

Through God’s example of expressing loving words to His Bride the Church through His Word (Revelation 19:7), we learn the importance of writing loving words to the ones we love.

As a writer, I’m partial to words and love writing them down, but if you’re not sure where to start, begin by making a list of all you love about your husband or wife. It’s a good reminder to them, and you, too, as to why they are so loved.

But if making lists isn’t your style, try writing about your first meeting, date, or wedding, expressing the loving emotions you felt towards your spouse on the day you wed.

However, if writing letters makes you cringe, with words hard to come by, look for a well-written greeting card to help you get started, adding your own thoughts to the sentiments expressed.

Former radio producer, Penny Owens, suggests starting out small by putting a love note in his or her lunch box. It can be as simple as writing, “I love you” on a piece of paper.

2. Really Listen to Your Spouse Talk

Jackie M. Johnson, author of Praying With Power When Life Gets Tough and other books, suggests, “Listen. And look in his or her eyes. And really listen.”

God calls us to listen to Him, so being made in His image, it’s no surprise that we, too, enjoy our spouse listening to us remembering, “Ears that hear and eyes that see—the Lord has made both” (Proverbs 20:12).

Unfortunately, everyday life may be distracting us from sitting down and really listening to what our spouse wants to say to us. Taking time to give our undivided attention and truly listen, communicates how much we value them and the words they speak.

3. Read Aloud to Each Other

Is there a childhood book your spouse grew up loving? Maybe one his or her Mother read aloud to them? If so, take time to find the book and read aloud to each other. 

It may sound rather simple and uneventful but many individuals find someone reading aloud very comforting and soothing after a busy or long day. Proverbs 15:4 describes how a soothing word is like a tree of life.

Do favorite Bible stories or Scriptures calm their minds and hearts? If so, take time to read some of their favorite stories or passages out loud to them.

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